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Tip toeing, ticking, growling
Stealth. Leopard in trance. Dance. Prance
Bing, Boom, Bing
Clock. Work. Glock
Menacing gun

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The lyrics developed when I was still a teenager; I felt everyone was telling me what to do. As I became older I felt there was lack of freedom of expression across Africa and the fear and feeling was like suffocation…. the way out was to put music into the words. By 1980 the song Freedom was established and first performed at the French Embassy, Dar es Salaam in 1982. It has been on You Tube for a couple of years…and sounds like:

I have been recording the song and fingers crossed album should be out in 2014… Continue reading

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-Sinza, Dar es Salaam 2011


 Tumekaa mezani tunamsiki’za mzee. Vinywaji vimeshanyweeka, kiu imenyauka, hamu imekwisha; pombe za bia na soda za Tangawizi na Fanta si muhimu tena; sasa gumzo limeshadidi, au wanavyosema watoto wa mjini “limemea”, porojo limestawi.Mzee wa miaka Sitini na Kitu karudi toka Ulaya alikokuwa toka 1977. Wengi tuliokaa hapa mezani wala hatukuwa tumezaliwa.

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I wanted to kill it. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. Flies are dirty things. They can be very fast… The fly, looked into my eye with a sigh said:

Before you chase me can I say something?”

He had a big voice. Little thing. Huge Hills in the distance. Such a big voice?

“What are you goin to say? There is nothing here for you!

Get out of my house; you spread diseases!”

I held the can of insecticide. Rockets in high speed. Ready to spray him dead.

He flew from the window to my feet.

Your toes are smelly. You need to cut your nails. I have flown all the way from Australia. I have powerful nostrils you know.”

Woow! I was surprised.  I had not cut my nails for months.  Phlegm in your throats. Grey black soot peeped in them. Soot in fingertips. How did this creature know that?

“Go away, you have bacteria! You are useless!”

Darting again to the window curtain. Fly looked into my eye with a sigh said:

Before you spray me with that poison in your hand- may I ask you something?”

Little thing. Sssssuch a huge voice.

“What are you goin to say? There is nothing here for you!

Get out you spread diseases. You are useless!”

Flying from the window curtains to the corner of the wall- The fly looked into my eye and with a sigh, replied:

You forgot to flush your toilet. You people always forget to flush your toilets and leave the toilet seats open too. We love what is inside. We are useful…”

I was surprised. Yes. We forget to flash the toilet, most times.

It was really smelly in there. In fact I was ashamed. Embarrassed. Priest caught drunk. Imam lies to his  bride. But I am not going to tell this insect see  I have lost face. Would you?

“OK. I shall clean my feet and flash my toilet and now can you go away please?” I held the can of insecticide. Ready to spray him dead.

Fluttering its wings the fly looked into my eye and with a sigh said.

“Before I go can I ask something?”

This would be the last request, I said, angrily. Fires raging in Spain. No more cheeky comments about my house being dirty.

I have a gang of friends hanging outside. We have been watching and smelling your dustbin. We could smell it from really far. Your dogs foul the roads. Please let us clean them up. We wont charge you. Could we have a bit of the rubbish in your bin, please. As for the dog pooh that’s another story.”

The thought of gangs freaked me out. Images of guns, tattoos, drugs and menacing faces crawled in my thoughts.

I promised to take out the rubbish and be as clean as possible. Justified makes a promise…Vows.

I can still hear the flies bursting with laughter as they zoomed off to another dirty house down the road.

© Freddy Macha, Hayes, 29th April, 2012

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WIMBO WA MAPENZI- wa mkewe Rais wa Ufaransa- Carla Bruni

“L’Amour”  (Mapenzi) ulioimbwa na kutungwa na msanii, Carla Bruni mkewe
Rais wa Ufaransa, Nicolas Sarkozy.

utunzi mtamu; utunzi laini;
usanifu uliopoa kama doa tulivu la mvuke …unaokumbusha ulimi,
paja, embe; shavu, ute, kunde; umande baada ya usiku wa
raha na taabu; mashaka na uchangamfu…ndivyo ninavyojisikia nikisikiliza kibao hiki
kinachonikumbusha mashairi ya Taarabu; mathalan “Sabalkheri” lilioimbwa na Asmahani …miaka ilee Kiswahili kilipokua fasaha na bashasha!!!

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maua bustani tikiti maji

ndege viota mayai

vichaka vivuli 
hewa safi vumbi joto mvuke

wanyama waja
wakiwinda na kuwindwa
wakila wakiliwa

ardhi ya
vimekaa vikitabasamu
wanadamu wenye ari jasho
damu na machozi

wanadamu katika amani na vita!!!
bila pumzi ; hakuna maisha…

Cologne, Ujerumani, 1985
(c) freddy macha

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trees sprouting
giving flowers

birds coming in them; feeling free
filling branches with nests

bushes sprouting
giving cover and shadow

animals coming

seated smiling
it’s surface of soil
and humans
filled with blood sweat and tears

people in peace and war!!!
without breathing ; there in no life…

Cologne, Germany, 1985
(c) freddy macha

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passaros pousando
nelas sentindo-se livres
enches galhos com ninhos

brotando dando asilo
e sombra

animais vindo
se escondendo
se repousando

a terra
sentada sorrindo
sua superficio
de po  e gente
coberta com sangue suor e lagrimas

gente em guerra e paz
sem halito nao ha vida

Colonia, Alemanha, 1985
(c) freddy macha

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